Small Business Saturday

First a note on Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It is one of my all time favorite holidays as it is a secular holiday and it's all about what holidays should be about....good food, good conversation and a moment out of time that reflects people enjoying one another, whether it's family or friends or even a group of strangers. On Thanksgiving we make and devour fall food at its best and I love all of the ingredients that go into this meal and the many ways it can be interpreted. I have always loved my cranberries with pears and ginger as well as my roasted brussel sprouts with chestnuts. This year I am making a linzer torte.  I had made one for a Thanksgiving many years ago and when I took the pan out of the oven the removable torte ring fell around my wrists creating burns and consequently scars I still have today. But this year I think it's time to get back on the horse and make another linzer torte. What do you have cooking this Thanksgiving?

Now about Saturday...
As well as Thanksgiving there is always talk in the media around this time of year about "black Friday," a day I think was invented by the major retail corporations. This year, I invite all of us Holiday gift shoppers, as you digest the idea of black Friday, to consider something far more meaningful and important --Small Business Saturday! (oddly enough the day after black Friday)
Here are the many reasons that shopping on Saturday November 30th, to celebrate and support small businesses is a good idea for Holiday gifts. When you shop in our store, here's what you will find:
A product that is made by hand in our studio in New York City...and not in a factory in China...
a piece of jewelry that is designed by myself and my co-designer Lobsang
We have worked together for almost twenty years and although I am incredibly biased I think we have developed some very beautiful designs...but come see for yourself!

Local businesses like Wendy Mink Jewelry have fought hard through these challenging economic times to support our employees and allow them in turn support their families. 
We really believe in what we do here. We believe in beautiful designs that make people feel good and know the care and quality that we put into every piece of jewelry.
So this Saturday, when you've had your fill of turkey, come and support us and all the other small businesses in NYC that work very hard against all the monopoly giants in a very competitive corporate retail market.
See You Then & Happy Thanksgiving!

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