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Why a website now after so many years of closing my retail store on Orchard St? I have heard from so many people I have known thru the years....what has happened to your jewelry. Why can’t I get into your website....what is going on. For a long time I was letting the dust settle after having a business for so many years. Do I care about jewelry, do I care about having a website...etc. I realized as in the last year of this pandemic that making and selling jewelry is for me ultimately about human connection.

Making someone happy with a new pair of earrings.  So many past customers have reached out to me telling me that they have so many pieces of the jewelry and how much - even fifteen years later they still love and wear it. These comments have filled my heart. You don’t know what kind of effect you might have on someone until you aren’t in contact with them. The pandemic, the isolation, the extraordinary need for connection has rekindled my love for designing jewelry again.  My love of stones and color that comes first and foremost and greatly influences my design choices.

It’s a start of a new beginning. Many of these styles will be recognizable as styles we have done for years- old favorites and styles close to my heart. We will start here and with time keep adding on new designs and styles. These styles represent my journey into jewelry making that started over 28 years ago. Traveling to Nepal, India, Thailand, China and also working with artisans in Peru. I worked here with extraordinary jewelry makers who made my designs even better than I could imagine with skilled finesses and meticulous craftsmanship. I worked with major companies to design and make jewelry for them. The styles on the website represent a cross section of collaborations with amazing artisans and designers, platers, model makers, salespersons and overseas manufacturers.

We hope you enjoy taking a look around and of course we would love any feedback at all!! It is a work in progress. I realize I am not in the fashion business is just about making beautiful jewelry and the
fruits of this labor will hopefully connect to you or someone else.

Wendy Mink